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                                                          Welcome to visit our website ! Tel:0532-87117999
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                                                          About Lehler

                                                          Qingdao Lehler Filtering Technology Co., Ltd. is a dedicated stainless steel filter, paint the screen, bag and other research and development, production and service of integrated companies. Lehler is a commitment to a stainless steel filter bags and other research and development, production and service of integrated companies. Lehler has imported advanced production equipment, perfect testing methods and quality assurance system, the company has passed ISO 9001-2008 quality management system certification.


                                                          Qingdao Lehler Filtering Technology Co., Ltd.

                                                          Contact: Mr Ma(Manager).

                                                          Mobile phone: +86 13335049999


                                                          Fax: +86-532-87151555

                                                          Address: No.358, Feiyu Road,Huangdao District,Qingdao City, China.

                                                          Email: info@lehler.com

                                                          Zip code: 266400

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